349 Waver Carbon Wheelset 25-35 RIM Brake For Brompton(Only the customer "Dawei" can place an order)

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Upgrade your Brompton bike's performance with the 349 Waver Carbon Wheelset. The lightweight carbon construction and 25-35 RIM brake system provide a faster, smoother ride. Perfect for urban commuting or leisurely rides, this wheelset offers superior durability and handling. Elevate your cycling experience with ease.

349 Waer Rim, 35mm Rim Depth 
Rim Brake

Axle: Front 74 mm; Rear 112 mm
Freehub Body: For 3-7 speed
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With Superteam's Brompton carbon wheels, the weight of the stock hub gear set is reduced by at least 1.2kg, improving the vehicle's acceleration and handling. Lighter usually equals happier!

Light And Convenient

The portability of the Brompton wheelset allows me to take it with me wherever I go. Whether I'm going to work, shopping, or on a weekend bike trip, I can easily slip the Brompton into my bag or basket without worrying about the heavy equipment being a burden. This lightweight design allows me to enjoy riding without any restrictions.

Integration of Performance and Aesthetics

Brompton carbon wheels are usually streamlined to reduce air resistance and improve the speed performance of the vehicle. The carbon fiber material has a sleek, high-end look that adds a sense of technology and sportiness to the vehicle, enhancing its visual appeal and brand image.