S-ALL Carbon D28-50 DISC Brake

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The All Carbon Series is a very cost-effective pair of wheels. It uses T800 full carbon rims, hard ceramic bearings, and two freehubs to choose from: Shimano and XDR. Whether in speed or stability, it is a wheelset worthy of your trust.

Axle: Front12*100mm, Rear 12*142mm
Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Lock: 6 Bolt
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High-Performance Wheelset

The rim utilizes the second generation of automated plastic winding technology. Also, it references enhanced toughened epoxy resin material to strengthen the rim's impact resistance, increasing the rim's impact resistance by 16%.

Superteam Large Flange Center Lock Hubs

To improve the tension of the spokes on the non-driven side of the wheelset, as well as to improve the stability of the wheelset, Superteam has adopted a large flange design on the driven side of the CX22 carbon spoke wheelset, which is better suited to the angle of the spokes, and can effectively increase the driving force arm to improve the driving efficiency of the wheelset.

Disc Brakes——An Integral Part of The Wheelset

Disc brakes respond faster due to the smaller contact area between the brake disc and brake pads. Friction is easier to build up during braking, allowing the braking system to respond to the rider's commands faster, improving the vehicle's handling. The disc brake can run smoothly in bad weather such as rain, sleet, and mud, making it suitable for riders who like to ride outdoors.

Freehub Body

The S-All Carbon series has two different freehub bodies: 1. The Shimano freehub body is made of high-quality materials and has good durability. It also uses high-quality bearings and engineering design to provide riders with a smooth ride. 2. SRAM XDR is a special freewheel body standard designed for road and mountain bikes. Its design allows for larger diameter bearings, so it can provide higher rigidity and stability, this means that the XDR freewheel body can provide better transmission efficiency and reliability in high-speed riding and high-torque situations.

Ceramic Bearings

All Carbon is equipped with ceramic bearings for a smoother riding experience. Ceramic materials are generally harder than metals, so ceramic bearings have higher wear resistance. This means they maintain good performance for longer, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement. Because ceramic bearings have a smooth surface and a lower coefficient of friction, they reduce energy loss, giving you greater efficiency and a smoother ride.

T800 Carbon Fiber Spokes

The CX22 Carbon Spoke Wheelset uses a 2:1 spoke pattern, coupled with Superteam's self-developed, third-generation carbon spokes, which weigh only 3.4 grams per spoke with spoke cap, which is 1.15 grams lighter than the extremely lightweight Belgian Sapim-Cx-Ray spokes with aluminum spoke cap on the market. For a CX22 carbon spoke wheelset with 21 spokes front and rear, the weight can be reduced by about 25 grams.