Guidance For Road Wheelsets


The Classic Pro is equipped with ceramic bearings, and the spokes and hubs are upgraded on the basis of the Classic, using ceramic bearing hubs and straight-pull spokes, while the disc brake version uses pillar wing21 spokes. It has a more direct power transfer and a more lubricated hub. These wheels are a little more expensive, but they will take your riding experience to a whole new level. If you're looking to invest a little more or get ready to race, these are for you.


The Superteam brand has launched a star-heavy product All-Carbon 2023 Ultra road wheelset with a newly designed wave rim shape and a unique shark fin appearance design on the rim surface.It also brings the world’s first 5.2mm width ultra-wide spokes, which have extremely strong wind-breaking performance, and can bring better vehicle stability during riding.In terms of hubs, the 2023 Ultra wheelset uses a redesigned 36T planetary ratchet internal structure, and imported NBK ceramic bearings are used inside the hub.


New for 2024 from our Superteam, the S-ALL Carbon EVO is a holeless tubeless rim that offers an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of taped tubeless rims. The design of the holeless tubeless rim can reduce tire deformation and improve tire stability and durability. This helps reduce tire wear, extend tire life, and enhance riding safety. It also has a unique drop-pattern shape, which reduces wind resistance. In addition, 5.2mm wide spokes are used, which are more stable and comfortable. This pair of wheels is worthy of your trust.

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Revealed! What's different about the 2024 Tour de France winning bikes?

Revealed! What's different about the 2024 Tour de France winning bikes?

As the 2024 Tour de France comes to a close, there's now a chance to get a look at Colnago, Specialized and Cannondale, custom bikes designed specifically for the winners that aren't for sale to th...


SUPERTEAMユーザーおよびフォロワーの皆様へ 最近、SUPERTEAMブランド関連の動向について、インターネット上で多くの疑問や疑念が投げかけられており、私たちはそれを非常に懸念し、真摯に受け止めています。 まず、初期段階でのコミュニケーション不足が、後に一連の問題を引き起こしたことについて、イッセー氏に謝罪することから始めなければなりません。 これまでのところ、私たちもイッセー氏と積...

Superteam 5 European Classic Cycling Races

5 European Classic Cycling Races

5 European Classic Cycling Races The five European Classic Cycling Races, or the "Big Five Classics", are the most prestigious one-day events in professional cycling. They are Milan-San Remo, T...


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