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All-Carbon 2023 Ultra

The future is on wheels

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Superteam CX32 Hub

The hub adopts a planetary ratchet and a large flange design on the drive side. With 4 NBK ceramic bearings.

Aero-52 canrbon spokes

Aero-52 carbon spokes have a section width of 5.2mm, while the spoke thickness is only 0.9mm, and the weight is only 3.4g/root.

Shark fin surface + wave rim

The surface treatment of shark fins on the rim is inspired by the characteristics of sharks that can swim at extreme speed in the water. It combines speed, control and efficiency, and uses bionics to reduce wind resistance and lateral wind force. The shark fins The rim shape of the surface and wave ring is conducive to improving the overall handling and stability.

K Line Brake

28mm outer width, compatible with wider tires, improving stability. The rim brake version is equipped with K line brake edge to provide better braking performance.


Guidance For Road Wheelsets


You cannot go wrong with these value carbon buddies if you don’t want to splurge on your hobby of cycling. Being UCI and SGS approved, these Classic Series wheels give you peace of mind. Improved K-Brakeline braking surface is available for optional upgrade (rim brake version). They’re not the lightest and zippiest wheels in the world, but you will enjoy riding with them at this affordable price point.


Our most customizable series yet! FOUR different hubs! Pillar and Sapim spokes for you to choose from. These wheels cost a little more, but they will take your cycling experience to a whole newlevel. Yes, S-Leopard wheels respond quicker than our Classic Series. If you are going to invest a little more orpreppingfor a race, these are for you.


Superteam’s house carbon hubs, carbon spokes and ceramic bearings realize your“dream bike setup”at a relatively affordable price point without breaking your bank (compared to major big brands). Light, stiff and snappy! Once you go forward with the S-All Carbon Series, you don’t want to go backwards.

K Line Rim Brake Surface Test
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About UCI & SGS Proved - Superteamwheels
Superteam All-Carcon Ultra 2023 Wheelset - Superteamwheels

Superteam All-Carcon Ultra 2023 Wheelset

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What’s the difference? Carbon wheels VS Aluminium wheels

Ordinary bicycles are equipped with aluminum wheels, and only some high-end bicycles are equipped with carbon fiber wheels. Therefore, the first step for many people to upgrade their bicycles is to...


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