S-All Carbon Pro D28-50 DISC Brake

促销价格$870.00 USD

Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Axle: Front12*100mm,Rear 12*142mm
Lock: 6 Bolt

Unleash your daring side with the S-All Carbon Pro D28-50 DISC Brake! This powerful brake offers unmatched performance and control, allowing you to take on any challenge with confidence. Its lightweight carbon build ensures agility and precision, making it a must-have for risk-takers and adventurers alike!

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High-Performance Wheelset

The rim utilizes the second generation of automated plastic winding technology. Also, it references enhanced toughened epoxy resin material to strengthen the rim's impact resistance, increasing the rim's impact resistance by 16%.

Superteam Large Flange Center Lock Hubs

To improve the tension of the spokes on the non-driven side of the wheelset, as well as to improve the stability of the wheelset, Superteam has adopted a large flange design on the driven side of the CX22 carbon spoke wheelset, which is better suited to the angle of the spokes, and can effectively increase the driving force arm to improve the driving efficiency of the wheelset.

Disc Brakes——An Integral Part of The Wheelset

Disc brakes respond faster due to the smaller contact area between the brake disc and brake pads. Friction is easier to build up during braking, allowing the braking system to respond to the rider's commands faster, improving the vehicle's handling. The disc brake can run smoothly in bad weather such as rain, sleet, and mud, making it suitable for riders who like to ride outdoors.

Wave Rims

The SAll—Carbon Pro features a wave-shaped bead that reduces aerodynamic drag, allowing riders to maximize their power.