Aerodynamics Of Carbon Wheels

Aerodynamics Of Carbon Wheels

About Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is a branch of mechanics that studies the force characteristics of aircraft or other objects in relative motion with air or other gases, the flow of gases, and the accompanying physical and chemical changes. It is a discipline that grows up with the development of the aviation industry and jet propulsion technology on the basis of fluid mechanics.
The principle of aerodynamics is: that air is the power, the medium of power, and the impediment of ability.

 Aerodynamics Of Carbon Wheels

Aerodynamics Used In Bicycle

Aerodynamics has also been widely used in the design of bicycles. During the riding process, the resistance encountered by the rider is the frictional force from the ground on the one hand and the resistance from the air on the other hand. Previously, engineers focused on reducing air resistance: narrower tire widths, slicker helmets, low-drag jerseys, and more. However, with the development of technology, engineers realized that the resistance of the air can be converted into the power of riding, and it is the aerodynamic wheelset that realizes this idea.

Is Carbon Wheels Useful?

To realize the aerodynamic wheelset, it is not to use aluminum to complete the rim material, because the key to the aerodynamic wheelset is a deeper rim. If aluminum is used as the rim material, the weight is unimaginable, and it is precise because of the development of carbon fiber technology in recent years that aerodynamic wheels can be realized. Low-weight, high-strength carbon fiber material makes aero wheels possible. GCN has also made a special experiment for this. Under the same power output (200w), under the same conditions (frame, rider, temperature, etc.), the higher the frame height, the better the aerodynamic effect, and the faster the speed.

Aerodynamics Of Carbon Wheels

Of course, in most usage scenarios, 50mm rim depth is the most suitable for daily use. Rim depth is not the bigger the better, when climbing, low Rim depth is more advantageous.

Aerodynamics Of Carbon Wheels

In short, the aerodynamics of carbon fiber wheels will make you ride faster, while the better rigidity and stronger cushioning of carbon fiber wheels will improve your riding experience. But it will make your wallet thinner, and it is also a fact that cannot be ignored.


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