2023 Classique PRO R25-38 Carbone Roue RIM FREIN Noir Décalques

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Known for their exceptional quality and performance, the Classic PRO R25-38 carbon wheels are ideal for serious cyclists. The rim braking system ensures precise braking control, while the ceramic bearings feature ceramic races that reduce weight, produce less rotational friction, and improve rider efficiency.

Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Bearing: Ceramic Bearing
Brake Line: Standard Brake Line
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Superteam 2023 Classic PRO D25-45 Disc Brake - Superteamwheels

Integrated Design

Superteam carbon fiber wheels are not made of a single component but are designed to create high-quality, high-performance products that consider the wheels' appearance, weight, and performance.

SUPERTEAM S-ALL Carbon R25-50 RIM Brake

Integral Rim Brake Surface Design

The rim features a one-piece hollow rim design with an integrated braking surface for enhanced structure and performance. You don't have to worry about the braking surface peeling. The K-line brake edge dissipates heat and drains water, eliminating the risk of brake lock and reducing the braking surface temperature.

Superteam 2023 Classic PRO D25-45 Disc Brake - Superteamwheels

Spoke Tension Balance

The spokes of the rim brake version's rear wheel and the disc brake version's front and rear wheels all use a 2:1 flat braid method to reasonably distribute spoke tension, making the pedaling transmission more powerful.

The rear wheel drive side spoke tension is 120kgf ± 10%
Non-drive side spoke tension is 100kgf ± 10%
Compared with the 1:1 weaving method, the balance is improved by about 100%

S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023 - Superteamwheels

Spokes And Hubs

Spokes and wheels have been upgraded from the classic version to ceramic bearing wheels and straight pull spokes, while the disc version gets a rear wing 21 spoke. 21-spoke wing wheels are usually aerodynamic, meaning that the shape of the wheel and the layout of the spokes reduce air resistance, resulting in increased riding speed and efficiency. Although the wheels are designed to be lightweight, they are still generally strong and rigid, able to withstand high forces and pressures and maintain a stable ride.

38mm Low Profile Wheelset

First of all, the low-profile wheelset the original wheelset of many complete bikes is the low-profile wheelset. Low frame wheelset is lighter, it is more suitable for climbing, from the physics point of view analysis, lifting a weighted object, certainly the heavier the thing, the higher the power output is required. The power output is directly linked to the power output directly from our thighs, the higher the power, the more force your thighs have to exert. So if you are a cyclist who loves to climb, a pair of low-profile wheelsets may be more suitable for your needs.

NBK Ceramic Bearings

The Classic Pro comes with ceramic bearings, Ceramic bearings use ceramic races, which can be lighter in weight and have less rotational friction resistance. The surface of the ceramic material is smooth and the friction coefficient is low, which allows the bearing to reduce energy loss during operation and improve your riding efficiency.