Cubos clásicos de Novatec Fix

Precio de oferta$569.00 USD

Engineered for high-performance fixed-gear bicycles, the Classic Novatec Fixed Hubs provide smooth and reliable power transfer. Made with precision and durability, these hubs offer the perfect balance of strength and weight. Take your rides to the next level with Classic Novatec Fixed Hubs.

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Profundidad de la llanta: 38mm
Engranaje: 14
Brake Line: with brake line
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Superteam Classic Series D25-38 Carbon Wheelset DISC

Rim Material——Toray T800

The rims are made from Toray T800. Toray T800 is a high-quality carbon fiber material with a shallow specific gravity, which can significantly reduce the rim's weight, improve the vehicle's acceleration performance, and climbing efficiency, and reduce rider fatigue. Carbon fiber materials can absorb road vibrations and provide a more comfortable riding experience than traditional metal materials. This feature is essential on long rides or bumpy roads.

Classic Series R25-38 Carbon Wheelset RIM BRAKE Ceramic Hub - Superteamwheels

CN Spokes——high-quality materials

CN spokes are usually made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, and therefore have high strength and durability. This means they can withstand greater tension and pressure and are suitable for use in various riding conditions. Because they are made of stainless steel and other materials, CN spokes have strong corrosion resistance and can maintain a good appearance and performance for a long time, even in bad weather or riding environments.

Superteam Classic Series D25-45 Carbon Wheelset DISC - Superteamwheels

25mm Internal Rim Width And 88mm Depth

Boasting a 25mm internal rim width and 88mm depth, it provides enhanced aerodynamics and excellent rolling resistance.The 25mm inner width provides a wider tire support surface, increases the contact area between the tire and the ground, and improves the rigidity of the wheel set, allowing you to ride more stably.

Superteam Classic Novatec Fixed Hubs

Integrated Design

Superteam carbon fiber wheels are not made from a single component but are designed to create a high-quality, high-performance product. As an entry-level wheelset, the classic series has excellent performance, comfort, and durability, and is a very cost-effective wheelset.