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Superteam's Origin:


Superteam has always adhered to the persistent pursuit of riding quality. The company’s founder MR. Ye’s love for cycling is the driving force behind the brand. The founding philosophy of Superteam is to allow more people to ride higher-quality bicycles and have a better riding experience.

The Superteam brand was established in 2015. The parent company is Xiamen Baiyexing Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Over the years, the company has been the OEM of carbon fiber products for international first-line brands, and has accumulated rich experience in carbon fiber product production.

On this basis, the Superteam brand was launched. On the basis of ensuring the quality of high-quality products, it brought consumers a better experience at a lower price. Once the Superteam brand was launched, it was widely recognized by the market.

Superteam focuses on the production of carbon fiber bicycle modification parts, among which the production of carbon fiber wheelsets is the best.

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Superteam's Target:


Since the establishment of the Superteam brand, it has been focusing on the design and production of carbon fiber wheels. Each wheel is handmade by artisans. It is not so much a product as a work of art. Hand-made does not guarantee the quality of our products. On the contrary, every product has undergone strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. While pursuing fine production, we also strictly control the quality.

Experience, persistence and innovation are all our goals, and our love for the bicycle business is the driving force behind our continuous progress. Therefore, Superteam is convinced that rigorous product verification, extensive testing and strict quality control together constitute product development and production.

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Superteam's Achievement:


Superteam’s current wheel products cover Road, MTB, Balance bike, Triathlon, and other series. The products have gone through many iterations and are always at the forefront of the industry.

The reason for maintaining the advanced level is our excellent research and development capabilities. The parent company of Superteam has obtained many national invention patents and has passed the UCI International Cycling Federation certification, SGS certification, and EN certification. And the feedback of Super team products in the competition is also the technical source of our product development.

The Superteam brand has only been launched for a few years, but its achievements are impressive, with cumulative sales reaching more than 70,000 sets, making it the first set of wheels for cyclists to advance.

And launched the new S series in 2022. With the blessing of the new production process, the performance of the product has been greatly improved, the original intention is not forgotten, and it has a very high-cost performance in the mid-to-high-end market. At the same time, the technology of the classic series has also been innovated to enhance the rigidity of the wheelset on the original basis.

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Superteam's Mission:


In the process of continuous development, Superteam has never forgotten its mission: to bring a better riding experience to cyclists and better and more cost-effective bicycle products to consumers. Therefore, we are also constantly innovating our products to win the recognition of consumers with higher product quality and lower product prices.

 We have never stopped exploring for higher performance, never stopped working hard for better service, and never stopped pursuing better riding quality.

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