Superteam Full Carbon Fiber Bike Water Bottle Cage

促销价格$24.50 USD

颜色: Matte black

Product Description

bottle cages are made of 100% 3K Carbon Fiber,non-deformable, corrosion resistant, extra strength and durability combined with low weight ( only 21±1.5g ), effectively reducing the weight for long-distance travelers.

With smooth edges, will not hurt your hand and kettle. Matt Black shows a composed personality and brings you a full sense of sports.

This bottle holder fits most standard-sized water bottles and has adjustable oblong mounting holes. The bottle cage is around 2.83 inches (7.2cm) in diameter, fit bottle dai 2.79-2.95 inches (7.1- 7.5cm), bottle too big or too small may not fit firmly.

Material: 3K Carbon Fiber Surface treatment: Matt Diameter: 71-75mm Net Weight: 21±1.5g

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