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Superteam All-Carcon Ultra 2023 Wheelset - Superteamwheels

As we all know, a wheelset with excellent performance can bring the rider an excellent riding experience, but when it takes into account the performance and also has a super high value, what kind of experience can it bring to the rider?

The Superteam brand has launched a star-heavy product All-Carbon 2023 Ultra road wheelset with a newly designed wave rim shape and a unique shark fin appearance design on the rim surface. This is the third Superteam brand to adopt a unique carbon fiber wheelset for road bikes built with the latest generation of winding plastic technology.

The Superteam brand was founded in 2015. Since its establishment, the Superteam brand has developed rapidly, and now it has become one of the best-selling wheels sets brands in the world.

The aerodynamic performance of the wheelset has always been a topic of concern in the field of road bikes, so Superteam also understands the needs of customers, develops and produces new technologies, and introduces higher-level raw materials to make this 2023 Ultra wheelset in aerodynamics The performance has been effectively improved.

The new 2023 Ultra wheel set is more focused on the use scenarios in real life. The shape design of the wave ring can bring more stable handling to the driver in the actual test, and at the same time provide lower resistance and reduce the impact of eddy current shedding .

Not only that, according to the characteristics of shark fins that can effectively guide the airflow and reduce wind resistance, Superteam uses the unique design of shark fins on the rim, which not only improves the appearance of the wheels but also enhances the aerodynamics of the performance of the wheel.

The rim shape of the 2023 Ultra adopts the most advanced 3D printing technology. After numerous designs and tests, this scheme was finally selected. As soon as the plan came out, the company also applied for a patent for this extremely aerodynamic carbon fiber wavering, and obtained a national patent through the application. It fully proves the strength of self-owned brand research and development. From the beginning of the premise of technology introduction, it quickly transformed into its own productivity, and then practiced its own technological innovation by continuously launching new products.

Unlike Zipp’s unique “golf ball” shape design, the sharp edges of the shark’s fin are smoothed out to create a streamlined shape. It should be known that when the bicycle is propelled forward, most of the airflow comes from the front. When the airflow passes through the surface of the shark fin, it can effectively shield the vortex that generates resistance, so as to reduce the drag coefficient of the wheelset.

In order to use wider tires and use lower tire pressure to reduce rolling resistance and cushioning, Superteam designed the inner width of the 2023 Ultra to be 22mm and the outer width to be 28mm (Rim brake 25mm), so that it can handle complex road conditions During the change, a better driving texture can be obtained, and efficient and stable performance can be achieved.

Increasing the inner width of the rim can make the tire expand wider and rounder. While using lower tire pressure to improve comfort, on the other hand, the transition between the tire and the rim is smoother, which can effectively improve aerodynamic performance. Moreover, wide tires can also increase traction and improve cornering performance, especially during sprinting and cornering, wide tires can reduce lateral twists and provide better handling stability and steering precision.

Superteam has introduced the latest reinforced and toughened epoxy resin, which improves the impact resistance of the rim, and the overall impact resistance performance is increased by 18%, so that the rim can be pressed into a small dark pit or crashed in an accident, can effectively reduce the risk of injury or equipment damage.
Rolling resistance is also a part of riding resistance. According to research data, if an 87kg rider rides at a speed of 40km/h, tubular tires will have a rolling resistance of 30W, while clincher tires and tubeless tires will outperform tubular tires and have smaller resistance. Therefore, the 2023 Ultra wheel set launched by Superteam this time does not have a tubular tire version, but a dual-purpose rim compatible with both tubeless tires and clincher tires.

The 2023 Ultra wheelset combines the aerodynamic characteristics of the high-frame TT wheelset with the excellent efficiency and handling of the tubeless tire system. Superteam set the frame height of this wheel set to a more comprehensive 50mm, making it aerodynamic at the same time performance and grade ability, and maintains stable and confident handling in virtually any wind condition.

2023 Ultra brings the world’s first 5.2mm width ultra-wide spokes, which have extremely strong wind-breaking performance, and can bring better vehicle stability during riding, realizing the unity of faster and safer for the first time.

The 2023 Ultra features all straight-pull spokes and ceramic bearing hubs. Under the same conditions, from the point of view of force, there is basically no deformation at the joint of the straight-pull spoke, while the non-straight-pull spoke itself has bending, and the deformation range under the action of external force is larger.

In terms of hubs, the 2023 Ultra wheelset uses a redesigned 36T planetary ratchet internal structure, and imported NBK ceramic bearings are used inside the hub, which greatly improves the response speed and is more lubricated.

The 2023 Ultra wheelset (disc) weighs 640 grams front and 780 grams rear. Although the weight range of 1420 grams does not occupy an advantage in the market, it must be known that the aerodynamic benefit of a set of wheels is far greater than that of a lightweight. Factors, it is concluded that the advantages of aerodynamics are higher than lightweight.

The All-Carbon 2023 wheel set provides two wheel set colors, one is a more eye-catching hot silver logo design, and the other is a more calm dark LOGO logo design, to meet the different loading styles of users.


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