S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023 Overlapping

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Freehub Body: For Shimano 11.12 speed / Sram 10.11 speed
Axle: Front12*100mm, Rear 12*142mm
Lock: 6 bolts


SUPERTEAM 2023 Ultra

New Aero-52 aero carbon spokes + shark fin PRO Rim + CX32 planetary ratchet hub. In order to improve the overall aerodynamic performance of the wheel set, SUPER TEAM designed the Aero-52 aerodynamic carbon spokes with a wider section, making the spoke section width reach 5.2mm, while the spoke thickness is only 0.9mm, and the weight is only 3.4g/piece...

Superteam All-Carcon Ultra 2023 Wheelset - Superteamwheels

Superteam All-Carcon Ultra 2023 Wheelset

As we all know, a wheelset with excellent performance can bring the rider an excellent riding experience, but when it takes into account the performance and also has a super high value, what k...