Tour of Lhasa 2023: GUSTO SUPERTEAM team won two championships and one runner-up

Tour of Lhasa 2023: GUSTO SUPERTEAM team won two championships and one runner-up

On July 23, the 2023 Ring of Lhasa Cycling Competition was held in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. After a fierce competition of 72.3 kilometers, the Chinese team from GUSTO SUPERTEAM won the championship and runner-up of the men's road elite group and the championship of the mountain men's group. The mountain women's team successfully defended the title.

The most significant change in the Lhasa Tour this year is that the finish line is set in front of the majestic Potala Palace.
The Ring of Lhasa Cycling Tournament is ushering in its second edition this year. The track setting of this year's competition is just like its name. It is a flat track along the Lhasa River and the periphery of Lhasa City. It is different from last year. The endpoints are all in Dunzhu Financial City, Lhasa. This year, the starting point is located in Liuwu Wanda Plaza, and the endpoint is in the majestic Potala Palace. Contestants can appreciate the magnificence of the Potala Palace up close.
This year's competition is still divided into three groups road men, mountain men, and mountain women. More than 300 athletes are participating. will still be a challenge.

THE GUSTO SUPERTEAM team has a lot of people

High altitude competition is not a small test for many drivers

After the road group started, the group was torn apart

At 9:00 a.m., the men’s road elite group starts first, and the men’s mountain and women’s mountain races start at 10-minute intervals. The story of the men's elite group was similar to last year. The car group was split into several small groups shortly after the start. The GUSTO SUPERTEAM Chinese team successfully broke through early and finally reached the arch of the Potala Palace with an absolute advantage. The GUSTO SUPERTEAM Chinese team won the first and second places.

Turnback point

Athletes pass through the supply area

Leading the group of four toward the finish line

The careful thinking of the champion chariot, the guide wheel cover is arranged



In the men's mountain group, Jin Zhenhong, who is also from the GUSTO SUPERTEAM Chinese team, is good at plateau combat. After leaving the first tunnel, he also started the solo flight mode and finally arrived at the end of the Potala Palace with an advantage of 54 seconds. Win a championship.

Men's Mountain Bike Start

The mighty car group is rushing forward

Players cross the line one after another

In terms of the women's mountain group, different from the tense competitive atmosphere of the previous men's group, the competition atmosphere of the mountain women's group is highly "harmonious", and the spacious flat terrain makes it extremely difficult to break through. The rhythm of "riding" finally ushered in a large group sprint without any suspense. The BROSS women's power team successfully defended the championship and was runner-up in this group.

The women's mountain group proceeded relatively harmoniously to the finish line

Successfully defended

The awards stage is in front of the Potala Palace Square

After the three groups of competitions are all over, the 2023 Tour of Lhasa City Cycling Tournament will come to an end immediately. Let us look forward to the third Tour of Lhasa City Cycling Tournament next year!

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