S-ALL C28-50 CARBONE DISQUE 2023 décalques en argent

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Corps Freehub: Pour Shimano 11.12 vitesse/Sram 10.11 vitesse
Essieu: Front12 * 100mm, arrière 12*142mm
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Experience enhanced speed and performance with the S-ALL Carbon Ultra D28-50 DISC Silver Decals. Made with lightweight carbon material, these decals offer a sleek design and increased aerodynamics. Perfect for competitive cyclists or those looking to boost their performance.

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"Shark Fins" and Wave Rims

The bionic technology of the wave circle originally came from the nodule on the front edge of the humpback whale's pectoral fin. Experiments have proven that this bulge can bring better aerodynamic benefits. Rugged surfaces have better aerodynamic effects than smooth flat surfaces, reducing air resistance. SUPERTEAM has optimized the design of these dimples based on the characteristics of the aerodynamic wave circle, and adopted a "shark fin"-shaped matrix arrangement to better integrate these dimples and the wheel set.

5.2mm Width Carbon Spokes

All Carbon Ultra uses 5.2mm carbon spokes, which are by far the widest carbon spokes in the world. It has a higher aerodynamic effect and the 5.2mm spokes are only 0.9mm thick and weigh approximately 3.4 grams each.

Ratchet Structure Hub

All Carbon 2023 DISC Brake adopts a ratchet structure hub with 36 teeth, which improves the efficiency of power transmission and makes the start one step faster. Easy disassembly and assembly, low failure rate, maintenance-free.

21mm Internal Rim Width

Wider 21mm internal width rims provide better aerodynamics with 25mm wider tires. The 21mm inner rim width is ideal for 25mm or 28mm tires, but can accommodate tires all the way up to 47mm.

Ceramic Bearings

Classic Pro/ All Carbon/ All Carbon Ultra are all equipped with ceramic bearings for a smoother riding experience.

Super light weight

The 50mm rim depth, Shimano freehub version includes the wheelset’s own tire pads and weighs only 1,393 g.