S-ALL Carbon Ⅱ D28-50 DISC Brake

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The upgraded version of S-ALL Carbon uses wider 4.5mm carbon spokes, which is very suitable for riders who pursue extreme lightweight.

Axle: Front12*100mm,Rear 12*142mm
Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Lock: 6 Bolt
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Disc Brakes——An Integral Part of The Wheelset

Disc brakes respond faster due to the smaller contact area between the brake disc and brake pads. Friction is easier to build up during braking, allowing the braking system to respond to the rider's commands faster, improving the vehicle's handling. The disc brake can run smoothly in bad weather such as rain, sleet, and mud, making it suitable for riders who like to ride outdoors.

Ceramic Bearings

All Carbon is equipped with ceramic bearings for a smoother riding experience. Ceramic materials are generally harder than metals, so ceramic bearings have higher wear resistance. This means they maintain good performance for longer, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement. Because ceramic bearings have a smooth surface and a lower coefficient of friction, they reduce energy loss, giving you greater efficiency and a smoother ride.

4.5mm Width Carbon Spokes

If your main focus is lightweight and high-speed riding efficiency, such as road racing and long-distance riding, this S-ALL Carbon Ⅱ is perfect for you. It uses 4.5mm carbon fiber spokes. 4.5mm spokes are relatively thin and lighter, making them suitable for cyclists who pursue extreme lightweight, especially when climbing hills and riding long distances. Moreover, thinner spokes have smaller cross-sectional areas and relatively lower air resistance, which helps improve efficiency during high-speed riding.