S-ALL Carbon EVO D28-60 DISC Brake Black Spokes

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This is our Superteam’s new product this year. Featuring a holeless tapeless tubeless rim, updated 5.2mm carbon spokes, and precision ratcheting hubs for maximum performance, maximum power, and precision, Ideal for serious riders looking for a professional edge.

Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Axle: Front12*100mm,Rear 12*142mm
Lock: 6 Bolt
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Superteam S-ALL Carbon EVO D28-50 DISC Brake Black Spokes

Holeless Tapeless Tubeless Rim

The first holeless tubeless rim offers an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of taped tubeless rims. The design of the holeless tubeless rim can reduce tire deformation and improve tire stability and durability. This helps reduce tire wear, extend tire life, and enhance riding safety.

Water Drop Pattern Shape

The unique water drop pattern shape is designed based on the wings of a peregrine falcon. This reduces the resistance to wind and allows the airflow to pass through more smoothly.

5.2mm Width Carbon Spokes

The EVO series uses 5.2mm carbon spokes, which are by far the widest in the world. Wide carbon spokes have two main advantages: 1. Wide carbon spokes have a larger area in the transverse direction, which makes them more stable when bearing lateral forces. 2. Wide carbon spokes have a larger load-bearing area, so they can disperse more vibration and impact forces, thereby improving ride comfort. The 5.2mm spokes are also just 0.9mm thick and weigh approximately 3.4g each, further reducing climbing and aerodynamic drag.

Light, strong and fast in one

Lighter--New optimized carbon cloth stacking method, lighter weight.
Stronger--Original holeless tapeless tubeless rim strength increased by 10%.
Faster--Pneumatic water ripple rim and ratchet structure fast response flower drum, fast speed up.