S-ALL Carbon Ultra neo D28-50 DISC Brake

Angebot$889.00 USD

Push your limits with the S-ALL Carbon Ultra neo D28-50 DISC Brake! Experience unparalleled braking power and control with the carbon material and disc brake technology. Go beyond the ordinary and elevate your riding to new heights.

Freehub Body: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Axle: Front12*100mm,Rear 12*142mm
Lock: 6 Bolt
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Wave Rims

The wave-shaped design can absorb and disperse the impact force more effectively, thereby improving the shock absorption performance of the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for bicycles traveling on uneven roads, which can increase riding comfort. And it looks better in appearance.

Ratchet Structure Hub

S-ALL Carbon Ultra neo adopts a ratchet structure hub with 36 teeth, which improves the efficiency of power transmission and makes the start one step faster. Easy disassembly and assembly, low failure rate, maintenance-free.

S-ALL CARBON C25-50 RIM BRAKE Customed Joey - Superteamwheels

Ceramic Bearings

Classic Pro/ All Carbon/ All Carbon Ultra are all equipped with ceramic bearings for a smoother riding experience.

5.2mm Width Carbon Spokes

S-ALL Carbon Ultra neo uses 5.2mm carbon spokes, which are by far the widest carbon spokes in the world. It has a higher aerodynamic effect and the 5.2mm spokes are only 0.9mm thick and weigh approximately 3.4 grams each.