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Increase your cycling performance with the S-ALL Carbon Ultra D28-50 DISC Brake. Featuring unique "Shark Fins" and Wave Rims, 5.2mm ultra-wide carbon spokes, and precision ratcheting hubs, the Ultra series is the absolute best in wheelsets chosen.

Freehub-Körper: For Shimano 9-12 speed / Sram 10-11 speed
Achse: Front12*100mm, Rear 12*142mm
Sperren: 6 Bolt
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"Shark Fins" and Wave Rims

The bionic technology of the wave circle originally came from the nodule on the front edge of the humpback whale's pectoral fin. Experiments have proven that this bulge can bring better aerodynamic benefits. Rugged surfaces have better aerodynamic effects than smooth flat surfaces, reducing air resistance. SUPERTEAM has optimized the design of these dimples based on the characteristics of the aerodynamic wave circle, and adopted a "shark fin"-shaped matrix arrangement to better integrate these dimples and the wheel set.

5.2mm Width Carbon Spokes

All Carbon Ultra uses 5.2mm carbon spokes, which are by far the widest in the world. Wide carbon spokes have two main advantages: 1. Wide carbon spokes have a larger area in the transverse direction, which makes them more stable when bearing lateral forces. 2. Wide carbon spokes have a larger load-bearing area, so they can disperse more vibration and impact forces, thereby improving ride comfort. The 5.2mm spokes are also just 0.9mm thick and weigh approximately 3.4g each, further reducing climbing and aerodynamic drag.

Ratchet Structure Hub

All Carbon Ultra 2023 disc brakes feature a 36-tooth ratchet construction hub. The 36-tooth ratchet structure can provide more contact points, thereby enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the wheel hub. A higher number of teeth means a greater contact area between gears, providing a smoother ride and keeping you safe. In addition, it can improve power transmission efficiency and start faster.

Super lightweight

The Shimano freehub version with a 50mm rim depth, including tire pads for the wheelset, weighs just 1,393g. The lighter weight of the rim can improve the handling performance of the bicycle. The bike turns more nimbly and turns more quickly. Reducing the weight of the rim can also reduce rider fatigue when riding for long periods of time. Using Ultra wheels makes it easier for you to use.

21mm Internal Rim Width

Wider 21mm internal width rims provide better aerodynamics with 25mm wider tires. The 21mm inner rim width is ideal for 25mm or 28mm tires, but can accommodate tires all the way up to 47mm.

Ceramic Bearings

Classic Pro/ All Carbon/ All Carbon Ultra are all equipped with ceramic bearings for a smoother riding experience.Ceramic Bearings
Ceramic materials are generally harder than metals, so ceramic bearings have higher wear resistance. This means they maintain good performance for longer, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement. Because ceramic bearings have a smooth surface and a lower coefficient of friction, they reduce energy loss, giving you greater efficiency and a smoother ride.