First in Greater China! Xu Xinling 2000 meter climb race breakout!

First in Greater China! Xu Xinling 2000 meter climb race breakout!

On October 15th, the 2023 Tour of Taiyuan started! Team members Yang Rui, Chen Junming, Vitalii and team leader Xu Xinling joined together to challenge this tough race!

The race was divided into three stages, the first of which was held at Wuyi Square! The course was 109.7 kilometers with a cumulative climb of 1980 meters. Long distance + high climb, this is a difficulty that the team has never challenged since they have been competing in the race!

Superteam sponsors wheelset in advance to help the team successfully complete the race in ultra-high climbing competitions!

A total of 131 riders competed in the first stage, and captain Xu Xinling won the first place in Greater China and stood on the podium wearing the white jersey of Greater China Honor!

The race was well organized after the start and started right at the 25km mark into the mountains, seven hills in total, each of which eliminated a lot of runners.

After reaching the first sprint point, Vitalii grabbed the first place in the sprint and the second place in the sprint points.

Halfway through the race, as each team picked up speed, the large group was split in a short period of time, with gustosuperteam China and other teams taking turns pulling on the main peloton, which reduced the nearly 300-strong race lineup to less than 50 riders.

After arriving at the second sprint point, team leader Xu Xinling and Vitalii worked together without even slowing down at the curve to take the first sprint point and form the first breakaway group.

After the sprint point, the race went on to the climbing point, because the distance advantage occupied by the sprint point allowed the team to alleviate a certain amount of pressure on the climb, and the challenge of the climb, which was thought to be impossible before the race, was easily solved by the team.

After the climb, captain Xu Xinling led the ride alone in the front, and the big group behind him gradually approached. With the cooperation of teammates Yang Rui and Chen Junming, captain Xu Xinling continued to make great efforts, and in the final speed change scramble, he won the first stage of the first Great China!

Challenges that were thought to be insurmountable have resulted in great victories through perseverance, and if one were to back down even a little bit during the race, one would be left without a chance to be number one in Greater China! Therefore, no matter what kind of tough tournament we are facing, we should all have the courage to face it with extraordinary sportsmanship! Positively overcome! Create the extraordinary!

Tomorrow will usher in the second stage of the Tour of Taiyuan cycling race, the cumulative climb will be raised to 2800 meters, the challenge is even more, Xu Xinling will also start with the major honorary jersey riders, let's look forward to tomorrow!Days of performance it is!

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